I started developing this program about one year ago. At this time there was no ``real'' MP3 manager out there, which met my requirements. I am not sure, but I think that there is still no programm under Linux (beside MP3DB) which fits for me.

My demands on the program were to get an easy possibility to put the information about titles and artists into a database, without typing them in. Furthermore I wanted to have a possibility to search for certain songs and to play them. I planed a function to generate playlists also.

All started with some HTML interface which stored the title information in plain old textfiles. But this was much to complicated and slow. So I started to use a ``real'' database. I choosed MySQL under Linux because I had no budget to buy anything for this hobby, so I am happy that there is a lot of free software out there. MP3DB is my contribute to the open source community and so I started to distribute it on the internet.

I use XMMS to play the MP3 files. But MP3DB can easily be adapted to other MP3 players.

I hope all users of this program will have much fun with MP3-Database and would be happy about any commentaries. I am always grateful for ideas about new functions or bug reports.

A little legal reference at the end: To offer MP3 files with copyright protected songs, for download from the internet is illegal. There is no court judgment whether you make yourself punishable, if you download protected songs form the internet. This subject is heavily discussed in the moment.

To create MP3 files from your legal acquired CDs for personal use is however permitted. For this task, namely the administration of the personal CD collection in the form of MP3s, I wrote this program.




If you should find a Bug please don't hesitate to contact me. I can only make things better If somebody tells me possible Bugs. Even my English is not perfect, so plese tell me, if there are spelling or grammar mistakes in this documentation or in the program itself.


As this project is growing, I can always need some helping hands. If someone would like to be a Software Tester for Mp3-Database, please contact me. At this state of the project it is not possible for me to test all features to the last detail. So I hope to get Bug Reports from the Mp3-Database users.

Also Doc-Writers and Translators are very welcome. As I want to concentrate on the code of Mp3-Database, I do not want to spent to much time with documentation.

Last Modified: Saturday, 06-Jan-2001 18:10:56 UTC